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Stylish Athens Student Accommodation!

Hamlet Student Flats was born in Kypseli!

Read more and meet your new neighborhood..

The historic area of Kypseli begun its urban evolution in the 1930s. It soon became one of the most prestigious areas of Athens, boasting landmarks such as the Pedion Areos park, the tree-lined Fokionos Negri street, as well as new buildings with luxury apartments and the great shopping area across Patission street. Poets, singers, theater writers and other artists used to and still choose to live in Kypseli.

The area is still considered an alternative and interesting neighborhood and you can feel this artistic vibe. Kypseli has a big and varied market, where you can quickly find everything and anything you need – no car needed! The square is a transport hub, linking the area to the rest of Athens with a wide range of public transport.Walking down Fokionos Negri street you can feel the city buzz; you’ll meet people from all walks of life and ages from young students to bohemian couples in their 60s.

Have you heard of the new Kypseli Agora?

In Kypseli, residents renovated the Municipal Agora.

How do you imagine the new Agora of Kypseli?
Which services and actions would you like to take place inside the new Agora of Kypseli?

The ideas given by the citizens were evaluated by the local community and municipal services and today the Kypseli Agora is a beautiful and interesting place to visit! You can read further on the official website

Under constant development for almost a century, Kypseli still retains the picturesque look and feel of its streets alongside the hustle and bustle of modern Athenian life; both elements are now perfectly intertwined with the different cultures of its residents.

Kypseli now forms a small, beautiful town within the big, multicultural and colorful city of Athens with its millions of tourists, just 10 minutes away from the center.I'ts the best place to live!

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Fully Furnished

Urban & Modern Living

On site laundry-dryer facilities

24-hour communal laundry and dryer

Internet Access

24/7 connection

Great transport links

Easy access to universities and the city center

Maintenance Services

Μaintenance team dealing with all needs of the building


Αutonomous heating

Happy Building

A building full of people with positive way of life


24-hour CCTV monitoring of the public areas and surroundings of the buildings


Shoebox studio
  • Shoebox studio
    The best studio for one person
  • Shoebox studio
    The best studio for one person
  • Shoebox studio
    Equipped kitchenette

Shoebox studios have all the space you need without having to share with others. With a standard size of 25 m2 they are perfect for a single occupant. Located on the first and second floor of the building, the studios come fully equipped with an all-purpose kitchenette and a private en-suite bathroom.

  • 25m2
  • Kitchenette
  • Bathroom
  • Perfect studio for one person
  • 1st or 2nd floor
Hamlet - Kipseli Kastellorizou 4, Kipseli Athina 11361 WHAT'S NEARBY?
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